The project

The Project

Aqua Samui is a boutique property development featuring 47 private pool villas designed by award-winning architect Gary Fell – recipient of the World’s Best Architecture award at the 2011 Bloomberg International Property Awards.  This unique collection of 2 and 3 bedroom villas set in the hills on south Thailand’s Koh Samui (island) is highlighted by panoramic views over world famous Chaweng Beach and the Gulf of Siam.

Aqua Samui was launched in January 2013 and sold ten of the possible 11 total villas from phase 1 in just 50 days. Phases 2 and 3 have also proved to show outstanding sales success with only a few units left remaining at this point in time. Aqua Samui’s rise to popularity as Thailand’s hottest selling property project comes as no surprise to the developer whose pre-planning focused on optimum design, premiere location and use of quality building materials. Also, their approach of offering ‘freehold’ land ownership for each villa and an affordable pricing strategy played a significant role.


General Design

AquaSamui’s design mandate turned small spaces into ultra-contemporary living areas which feel spacious in a large open-form layout. Modern design, motivated by a quest for efficiency was distinguished by an emphasis on function over form. With this focus, the architect created a master plan that deals with the challenges of density without sacrificing privacy. The boundaries between interiors and exteriors are merged with an extensive use of glazing to provide a seamless spillover from architecture to nature. The integration of different ceiling heights within the interior area creates intimate spaces accentuated by lofty ceilings.

In addition to the residential accommodation, central facilities comprise of a lobby reception, a gym/health club, restaurant/bar and parking for guests. Special features include water roofs, ponds and interesting walkways through the property to further focus on the panoramic 180 degrees of pure sea view.

The main building components are stone and concrete.  Rocks are quarried from the site itself and form the base of the structures. Glass is double glazed though orientation of the project mitigates any major solar gain problems. It is envisaged that the clubhouse will include some solar collectors on the roof to power lighting in public areas.

The AquaSamui development has been outfitted with several energy efficiency and eco-friendly features including lighting, climate control, water, recycling and conversion. Lighting will use efficient LED systems and mechanical ventilation will make use of inverter type air conditioner.  Extensive recycling of water is planned for reuse on the site. The overall design encourages maximum (natural) through ventilation and makes use of reflecting pools to help cool the interior through evaporation. Large overhangs and orientation help ensure minimum solar gain.

Features within AquaSamui which improve the development as a whole and enhance the safety of the occupants include smart home system automation and a fire protection system installed in the basement and under the pool. The development also has safety features including extra-wide foundations with protection against earthquakes, CCTV security and 24 hour manned security. None of these initiatives is required by local law.